Swarms of Drifting Shadows

Directors: Amir Ganjavie
Writers: Arash Azizi, Amir Ganjavie, Mehdi Shirzad
Year of Production: 2021
Countries of origin: Canada
Language: English

A group of people left in Nowhereland get up from sleep. They have a vague memory of the plane they were on before falling sleep and also discover part of the plane. Lost as they are between what went on to them and seeking a way out, they realize they are gradually losing their memory, consciousness and conscience. Among them there is a government man who can connect to the world outside. He knows that their plane was hit by a missile of his government. They are all now somewhere between death and life, seemingly outside time and space, but their loved ones back in the real world want to know the truth while authorities hide it. The man uses what he knows to impose control over the group. He gives a version of events that’s in his own favor. Back in real life, a poet who lost his wife and daughter on the plane is trying to stop them from being forgotten. He knows the real nature of the opportunistic man of the government and hopes to find someone other than him to connect with the passengers. His attempts are successful at the end and he is able to reveal the truth to all.
Director: Amir Ganjavie
Scriptwriters: Mehdi Shirzad, Arash AziziWriter
Story by: Amir Ganjavie
Producers: Mehrdad Zafari, Behzad Javaheri
Dop: Pedro Miguez
Production Designer: Helcio Pugliese
Cast: Rick Amsbury, Richard Cole, Beáta Imre, Stella Dimovsky, Christopher Power


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